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P.I. Report

An up to the minute quick reference listing of upcoming pipeline projects across the United States. Published 24 times a year (twice a month), the cost for an annual subscription is $300. All additional subscriptions within the same company are $200. As an annual subscriber, you may also now receive the P.I.R. as a spreadsheet in an excel format for an additional $195. Please call our office to add this service. 

(281) 499-3131

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P.I. Directory

A comprehensive pipeline industry phone book divided into three sections (Pipeline Companies, Contractor/Sub-Contractors  & Suppliers), along with addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, key contacts with direct phone numbers to many. The cost is $95 per hard copy + S&H. Any additional copies sent within the same company are $65 each. We also offer an online only version that can be ordered via our website for $65.

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P.I. Spreadsheet

This is a database format of the P.I.R. and works in companionship to our Report Subscribers. You must have an annual Report subscription in order to purchase this service. If you are an existing Report subscriber and would like to add this service, please call our office @ (281) 499-3131. If you are not currently a subscriber and plan on placing an order today, you may purchase this service through our website when ordering your annual subscription to P.I.R. The cost is an additional $195.