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Mirage Energy Corporation and Northern Hemisphere Logistics, Inc. Sign $4 Billion Debt Financing With Bluebell International, LLC for Development of Three Projects Including Pipelines, Natural Gas Storage and Isthmus Corridor Project


(San Antonio, TX) -- MIRAGE ENERGY CORPORATION announces it has signed a $4 Billion debt facility with the family office of Bluebell International, LLC’s (BBI) family office for the development of natural gas pipelines, underground natural gas storage and the Isthmus Corridor Project.

The company’s pipeline, interconnected with Whitewater Whistler, provides an inexpensive natural gas supply for Mexico through a new 42-inch pipeline to be built from Agua Dulce/ Banquette Hub to Progresso then into Mexico. From there, natural gas can be stored underground (once developed) or sent to Station #19 on the Sistrangas system, with a 42-inch line going on to Los Ramones and an interconnect to the San Fernando/Cactus line, which would bring natural gas all the way to Nuevo Pemex on the Yucatan Peninsula.

When fully developed, Mirage’s natural gas storage facility will be the largest natural gas storage facility on the North American continent with the ability to hold 786BCF of natural gas, giving the country of Mexico a six-month’s supply in the event natural gas is interrupted – a strategic asset for the country.

The Isthmus Corridor project consists of a series of pipelines and storage facilities in Mexico connecting the Port of Pajaritos on the Gulf of Mexico side to Salina Cruz on the Pacific side. The pipelines will provide a faster, more economical means of delivering crude oil and refined products from the U.S. to Asia, Mexico and the west coast of the U.S. Compared to using the Panama Canal or the Cape Horn route. Using this route saves 36 days of true shipping time to Asia, for example.

“One of the biggest problems in oil and gas transportation is the logistical dilemma posed by Supertankers that cannot fit through the Panama Canal, thereby reducing access to the Pacific Ocean or forcing them to take the hazardous and expensive journey around Cape Horn,” said Michael Ward, President and CEO of Mirage Energy. “The Isthmus project is a logical and far more economical alternative, and we are pleased that the family offices of Bluebell International have agreed to partner with us.”

The three projects comprise the following:

  • Mirage 1 – Burgos Hub Storage & Natural Gas Pipeline, a US-Mexico development consisting of cross-border transportation and the first underground natural gas storage facility in the country of Mexico. (In permit phase) (Construction will start soon after they get all permits) (Has been negotiated)

  • Mirage 2 – SAN FERNANDO/CACTUS – 48-inch natural gas pipeline running from Reynosa, Mexico to Nuevo Pemex. (Already built. Has some rehab)

  • Mirage 3 – ISTHMUS CORRIDOR – 30-inch and 48-inch bi-directional crude oil pipeline across the Tehuantepec Isthmus of Mexico (connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans). (Already built. Has some rehab)

The terms of the loan include an equity split of 75% to BBI and 25% is no cost to Mirage Energy/Northern Hemisphere Logistics, Inc.

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