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Texas Eastern to build 1.5 mile pipeline


(Houston, TX) - Texas Eastern has proposed the construction of a 1.5-mile natural gas pipeline extension from its existing pipeline to supply a power plant in the Woodbridge Energy Center.

According to FERC documents, the 20-inch pipeline would be located along an existing utility right-of-way and railroad corridor.

The new pipeline would connect two other pipelines owned by Texas Eastern – the company's mainline, which runs along Conrail tracks through the northern part of the township and Metuchen, and the existing Woodbridge Lateral, which delivers natural gas to a 725-megawatt power plant in Woodbridge owned by CPV Shore Holdings.

Preliminary maps show the new pipeline would extend from the Woodbridge Lateral, just south of the intersection of Route 1 and Amboy Avenue, then go directly north just west of Roosevelt Park connecting to the mainline near the Metuchen border.

The project would require would about 19.3 acres of land. According to FERC, Texas Eastern would grade, restore and replant all areas disturbed by construction.

The pipeline is tentatively scheduled to be in service by June 1, 2021.

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