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FERC scales back Gulf Run, Line CP review in light of smaller project size


(Washington, D. C.) — The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is planning to complete an environmental assessment by July 31 for a pair of Enable Gas Transmission and Enable Gulf Run Transmission projects that would add a combined 134 miles of pipeline and allow bi-directional flows and shipment of about 1.65 Bcf/d of natural gas to a Louisiana delivery point.

The Gulf Run project entails about 134 miles of new 42-inch-diameter pipeline, running from Westdale to Starks, Louisiana, along with a new meter and regulation station and appurtenant facilities. The Line CP project entails modifications to two compressor stations and three M&R and two new M&R stations in Texas and Louisiana.

The abbreviated applications (CP20-68, CP20-70), filed February 28, were scaled back from the 2.8 Bcf/d version Enable pitched for pre-filing review in March 2019 which would also have entailed a 36-mile lateral running to Gillis and two new compressor stations.

FERC has also shrunk its review from an environmental impact statement to an environmental assessment, saying Enable had determined that certain originally planned pipeline and compression facilities considered during pre-filing review were no longer needed.

Due to Enable's removal of those, many of the comments responding to a notice of intent were no longer relevant and FERC staff has determined that an environmental assessment is the appropriate means to evaluate the project, the commission said.

Under a schedule released Tuesday, other federal agencies participating in the review would have until October 29 to render their final decisions.

According to the project applications, Enable has executed one precedent agreement with Golden Pass LNG, the cornerstone shipper, for 1.1 Bfcf/d, representing 67% of the project capacity.

Enable has sought FERC authorizations in the first quarter of 2021 in order to be able to place the facilities into service in the second half of 2022, the in-service date agreed to by Gulf Run and Golden Pass LNG, it said in the application.

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