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ANR Pipeline asks US FERC to review expansion between Canada, Gulf Coast


(Houston, TX) - ANR Pipeline asked the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to authorize a 165,000-Dt/d expansion that would help deliver natural gas from as far away as Manitoba to markets in the Gulf Coast region and other points on its interstate pipeline system.

"Demand has grown not only in the Gulf Coast, driven in part by the construction of LNG export terminals, but also at areas served by ... various receipt and delivery points on the ANR system," the pipeline company told FERC. "The project will match this growing demand at several points on the ANR system with low-cost natural gas supply from multiple supply basins, including imports" from Western Canada.

ANR, a subsidiary of TC Energy, submitted a June 22 abbreviated application for a Natural Gas Act certificate and related authorizations for the Alberta XPress project. The company asked FERC to authorize the project by May 20, 2021, to allow the project to enter service by November 2022. ANR has executed binding precedent agreements with two shippers to provide firm transportation service that would cover the full gas transportation capacity of the project. The project shippers were designated "foundation shipper" and "anchor shipper," but not otherwise named in the application.

ANR told FERC the project would not hurt its existing customers and would have minimal impacts on landowners, communities and the environment.

The project, estimated to cost $81.1 million, would put in place a 15,900-hp greenfield compressor station in Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, which would boost incremental capacity on ANR's Southeast Mainline 501 and 501 Loop pipelines between Ohio and Louisiana. The project would also involve a lease between ANR and affiliate Great Lakes Gas Transmission, under which ANR would lease capacity on the Great Lakes pipeline system between Manitoba and an ANR system connection in Wisconsin (CP20-484).

At a June 18 FERC meeting, the regulator granted ANR authorization to build and operate the Grand Chenier XPress project in Louisiana to serve Venture Global Calcasieu Pass and the Calcasieu Pass LNG export terminal.

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