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ONEOK wants to start pipeline construction by April 1


(Williston, ND) - ONEOK wants to start construction on a 75-mile-long pipeline in Williams County by April 1. Friday's Public Service Commission hearing in Williston brought ONEOK one step closer to making the $100 million project a reality. Nobody from the public objected to the pipeline. The company explained to the state PSC its agreements with landowners and precautions it's taking to lessen the 16-inch pipeline's environmental impacts. The Bakken Pipeline will pump 30,000 barrels of natural gas liquids every day from Hess Corporation's Tioga Gas Processing Plant to another pipeline in Eastern Montana.

Brad Borror, ONEOK manager of communications, said: “We execute these projects on almost a daily basis. So, we’re looking forward to this new exciting project, and connecting a region up near Tioga, that historically has had difficulties getting these products out.”

The pipeline will mean less flaring in the Bakken and more products that can be refined for home heating and creating petrochemicals, which are found in everyday products like plastics, medicines, cosmetics, furniture, and electronics.

ONEOK wants the pipeline to be operational by the fourth quarter of 2020.

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