September 1 New Listings

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Atmos Energy

Dallas, TX

12 mi. 12"

K5 Line to start near Clifton and end near Valley Mills, TX.

Awards Pending

Atmos Energy

Dallas, TX

9.5 mi. 12"

K5-1 Line to be located west of Waco, TX.

Bids Due Late August 2020

Beta Crude Connector

Tulsa, OK

16.2 mi. 8"

"Western Lateral" located near Midland, TX.

Awards Pending

Phillips 66

Houston, TX

30 mi. 12"

6 mi. 12"

H2 Project will be located in southern Louisiana. 30 miles of marsh and 6 miles of land lay. November 2020 start date.

Bids Due Late August 2020

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