May 15th New Listings & Awards

Energy Transfer

Dallas, TX

8.5 mi. 30"

Project located in Illinois.

Out for bids June or July 2021

Energy Transfer

Dallas, TX

8.8 mi 30"

Project located in Ohio.

Out for bids June or July 2021

Kern River Gas Transmission

Salt Lake City, UT

4 mi 36"

Project located in Utah.

Out for bids June or July 2021

Kinder Morgan

Houston, TX

8500' 26" 36"

Carrollton Class Change located in Ohio. July start date.

Awards Pending

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville, KY

3 mi 20"

Project located near Louisville, KY

Troy Construction

Houston, TX

Williams Transco

Houston, TX

30", 36", 42"

Take up and relay located in Georgia and South Carolina. August Start date.

Bids Due June 2021

Denbury Resources

Plano, TX

123 mi. 12" & 16"

Project located near Glendive, MT. Start date July 2021.

Mears Pipeline-Houston, TX

Sunland Construction-Aztec, NM

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August 1st New Listings

Kinder Morgan Houston, TX 24 mi. 36" Project located near Victoria, TX Troy Construction Houston, TX Texas Gas Transmission, LLC Owensboro, KY 24 mi 20" Project to run from near Robards to Centerpoint