May 15 New Listings


Centurion Pipeline

Houston, TX

30 mi. 20"

"Augustus Pipeline" will run from Midland to near Ector, TX.

Construction could be 2021-2022



SemCAMS Midstream

275 mi. 12" & 16"

"KAPS" - Motney Condensate & NGL Pipeline to run from near Grand Prairie, Alberta to Edmonton, Alberta.

Construction mid to late 2021


Lotus Midstream

Houston, TX

100 mi. 16"

Project would run from near Midland and northeast towards Snyder, TX. This line will tie into an existing line that runs to Cushing, OK.

No Timetable


WBI Energy

Bismark, ND

29.8 mi. 12"

.5 mi. 20"

"North Bakken Expansion Project" will be a loop between the Tioga Compressor Station and an existing station along WBI's Line 25 sections in Mountrail & Burke Counties, ND. Another portion will loop the existing Line 30 in Williams County, ND Also includes adding compression to existing Tioga Compressor Station.

Construction March 2021