May 1 New Listings



Liberty Midstream Solutions

Denver, CO

4.7 mi. 8"

The pipeline will be located in Mountrail & Williams Counties, ND. It will run from the existing Liberty County Line Plant near Tioga to Alliance's Tioga Lateral Pipeline.

No Timetable


Iriquois Gas Transmission

Shelton CT

Compressor Station Upgrades

"Expansion By Compression Project" will consist of adding new units at 4 compressor stations.

Dover- adding one 12, 000 HP Solar Taurus 70 compressor

Brookfield- will add two 12,000 HP Solar Taurus 70 compressors

Millford- install new gas cooling equipment and build piping to allow compressed discharge

Athens- will add one 12,000 HP Star Taurus 70 compressor

Construction late summer to early fall 2020