March 15th New Listings & Awards

Middle Tennessee Natural Gas

Smithville, TN

18.7 mi. 12"

Project will run from Crossville to near Bledsoe, TN.

Construction late March or early April 2021

Southwest Gas

Las Vegas, NV

70 mi. 24"

Project will run from near Laughlin to near Henderson, NV.

Construction 2024

Yankee Gas

(NTE Energy)

St. Augustine, FL

2.4 mi. 16"

Project to run from near Pomfret to Killingsly, CT. Will run from a new 650 megawatt power plant to an existing mainline.

Awaiting state peremits

Construction could be late 2021 or early 2022

Whitewater Midstream

Houston, TX

26 mi. 20"

BANGL M25 pipeline to be located near Bay City, TX. Start date May 2021.

Pumpco, Inc.

Giddings, TX