June 15 Project Awards

Holly Energy

Plains All American

50 mi. 16"

"Cushing Connect Pipeline" located near Tulsa, OK (listed on page 11 May 15 issue)

Jomax Construction

Great Bend, KS

Outrigger Energy

Denver, CO

Gas gathering project located in Williams County, ND. (listed on page 18 May 15 issue)

Jomax Construction

Great Bend, KS

Summit Midstream

The Woodlands, TX

86 mi 42"

50 mi 30"

17 mi 30"

1.2 mi 42"

The Double E Pipeline located in the Delaware Basin. (listed on page 21 May 15 issue)

Pumpco, Inc

Giddings, TX

Northern Natural

Omaha, NE

1500' 24"

HDD located in Kingman County, KS

Intercon Construction

Waunakee, WI

Still waiting on Centurion to award the Augustus Pipeline Project

Still waiting on EQT (was listed as EQM in error) to award the Tri-State Corridor Project

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May 15th New Listings & Awards

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Wind & Solar

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We are Expanding our Search for Work

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