June 15 New Listings

Alaska Gasline Development Co.

Anchorage, AK

807 mi. 42"

"Alaska LNG" will run from the North Slope fields to near Anchorage, AK.

Construction could be 2021 or 2022

Cheniere Energy

Houston, TX

1.5 mi. 36"

Project located near Corpus Christi, TX. June start date.

Awards Pending

Dolin Gold

Anchorage, AK

312. mi. 14"

"Dolin Gold Mine Project" will run from Cook Inlet to Crooked Creek, AK.

Early Stages

Nova Gas Trans (TC Energy)

Calgary, Alberta

213 mi. 48"

Project runs from near Grand Prairie to near Calgary, Alberta. Also includes 3 new compressor stations.

Awaiting CER Approval

Construction 2021

PSNC (Dominion Energy)

13 mi. 12"

"American Tobacco Trail NCDOT Rail Corridor" located in Durham, NC.

Construction Sept or Oct 2020


Houston, TX

1.5 mi. 12" & 16"

Take up and relay located near Austin, PA.

Awards Pending

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October 1st New Listings

Dominion Energy Richmond, VA 11 mi. 12" Project located near Asheville, NC. Start date Dec 2020. Awards Pending Max Midstream Houston, TX 21 mi. 24" Blackhawk Pipeline will run from the Edna Station n

October 1st New Listings

Atmos Energy Dallas, TX 2.5 mi. 30" "Line P Carmel Replacement" project located near Pflugerville, TX. November start date. Awards Pending NextEra Energy Juno Beach, FL 51 mi. 16" "Lowman Pipeline" to

September 15th New Listings and Awards

Been in the Report for some time... WE Energies Milwaukee, WI 49 mi. 24" "Lakeshore Lateral Project" starts near La Grange, WI and ends near Mount Pleasant, WI. Start Date Feb or March 2021. Minnesota

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