July 15th New Listings

Phillips 66

Bridger Pipeline, LLC

(Joint Venture)

55 mi. 16"

Will connect to the planned Liberty Pipeline. Would be located in ND & MT. Exact route still to be determined.

Construction could be late 2020 or early 2021

Whitewater Midstream

Austin, TX

19.5 mi. 10"

Lateral to be located near Kermit, TX. Part of the BANGL project.

Pumpco, Inc.

Giddings, TX

Xcel Energy

Denver, CO

15 mi. 8"

Project located in Boulder and Gilpin Counties, CO.

Construction could be August 2019

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September 15th New Listings and Awards

Been in the Report for some time... WE Energies Milwaukee, WI 49 mi. 24" "Lakeshore Lateral Project" starts near La Grange, WI and ends near Mount Pleasant, WI. Start Date Feb or March 2021. Minnesota

September 1 New Listings

Atmos Energy Dallas, TX 12 mi. 12" K5 Line to start near Clifton and end near Valley Mills, TX. Awards Pending Atmos Energy Dallas, TX 9.5 mi. 12" K5-1 Line to be located west of Waco, TX. Bids Due L

September 1 New Listings

Enable Midstream Oklahoma City, OK Compressor Station Part of the "Gulf Run Pipeline" will modify the Westdale and Vernon Compressor Stations. They are located in Red River and Jackson Parishes, LA. F

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