July 15 New Listings

Cogent Midstream

Dallas, TX

2.8 mi. 8"

Project located near Big Lake, TX

Awards Pending

Nova Gas Transmission (TC Energy)

Calgary, Alberta

217 mi. 48"

"2021 NGTL Expansion Project to run from near Grand Prairie, Alberta to near Calgary, Alberta. Also includes compressor units at three existing stations.

Construction early 2021

Southwest Gas

Las Vegas, NV

12.1 mi. 8"

"The Spring Creek Expansion Project". Project located near Elko, NV. three miles to be done in 2020 and the rest in 2021.

Construction 2020 and 2021

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February 1st New Listings

Align RNG (Dominion Energy) Richmond, VA 30 mi. 4-12" Project is located in Sampson & Duplin counties, NC. Methane gathering system to be built around 19 pig farms and transfer methane to a larger Pie

January 15th Awards

Duke Energy Raleigh, NC 13 mi 20" "Central Corridor Pipeline Extension Pipeline" project located in Hamilton co., OH Infrasource Construction Ann Arbor, MI Kennett City Light Gas & Water Kennett, MO 5

January 15th New Listings and Awards

Dominion Energy Richmond, VA 14 mi. 12" “East Edisto Project” located near Charleston, SC. Start date February 2021 Southeast Connections Conyers, GA Eastern Shore Natural Gas Dover, MD 19.5 mi. 8", 1

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