December 15th New Listings & Awards

Dominion Energy-Ohio

1.4 mi. 8"

Take up and relay located near Lawrence Township, OH.

Construction 2021

Enterprise Products

Houston, TX

80 mi. 36"

17 mi. 24"

"Acadian Haynesville Extension" will run from near Cheneyville, LA to near Gillis, LA. Also includes adding to HP to its Mansfield compressor station. Project will start Feb 2021

Troy Construction- 80 mi. 36"

MPG - 17 mi. 24"


Surrey, British Columbia

18.6 mi. undetermined pipe diameter

"Okanagan Capacity Upgrade" to run from near Chutetake to near Penticton, BC.

Construction 2022 or 2023


Surrey, British Columbia

29.2 mi. 24"

Eagle Mountain - Woodfibre Gas Pipeline Project" to begin north of the Coquitlam watershed and end at the proposed Woodfibre LNG site.

Construction 2021 or 2022

TC Energy

Houston, TX

Compressor & Meter Station Upgrades

"The Wisconsin Access Project" will be located all along ANR's existing facilities in WI, IL, IA, MO and Kansas. The project involves meter station upgrades, compressor station modifications, increase reliability and emissions-cutting HP replacements.

Construction 2022

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