August 1st New Listings

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Duke Energy

Raleigh, NC

31.5 mi. 6" & 12"

Project located near Clinton, NC.


Katy, TX

Kinder Morgan

Houston, TX

650+/- Large Diameter Pipe

Permian Pass Pipeline will run from west Texas in the Permian Basin to export terminals along the Sabine River in southeast Texas. Final route not determined yet.

Very Early Stages

No Timetable set yet

Kinder Morgan

Houston, TX

3 mi. 24"

Project located near Eagle Lake, TX.

Construction 1st quarter 2020

Minnesota Energy Services

Green Bay, WI

6.3 mi. 12"

Take up and relay located in Jackson and Nobles Counties, MN.

Construction late 3rd or early 4th quarter 2019

Still awaiting permit approval

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