April 1st New Listings


St. Louis, MO

6 mi. 16" (Phase I)

6 mi. 16" (Phase II)

Take up and relay to be done in two phases. Both located in Belleville, IL.

Phase I Spring 2019

Phase II 2020

Eversource Energy

Springfield, MA

3.7 mi. 12"

Take up and relay located in two spots. One is in Ashland, MA and the other in Hopkinton, MA. Could be re routed and the scope could change to 5 mi. of 16".

Awaiting further studies from EOEEA


(Houston, TX)

34 mi. 36" or 42"

The Regional Energy Access project is a looping project located in Luzerne & Northhampton Counties, PA and Mercer County, NJ. See Industry News in April 1 issue for more info.

Construction could be 2022.

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