April 15th New Listings


Aemetis, Inc.

Cupertino, CA

32 miles small diameter pipe

"The Aemetis Central Dairy Digestion Project" will be built in Stanislaus & Merced Counties, CA. This line will cary biogas from dairy farms to an existing PGE line.

Construction 2nd quarter 2021


Enbridge Energy


7 mi. 12"

1 mi. 4"

"2021 Stratford Reinforcement Pipeline Project" will be located near the City of Straford, Ontario.

Construction spring 2022


Sunoco, LLC

(Energy Transfer)

Houston, TX

6.45 mi. 12"

"Browsville's Pipelines" will be built at Sunoco's Brownsville Terminal in Cameron County, TX.

Bids Due April 1, 2021