April 15th New Listings

Energy Transfer

Houston, TX

20 mi. 42"

Project located near Teague, TX

Rockford Corp.

Beaverton, OR

Gibson Energy

Calgary, AB, Canada

25.5 mi. 12" & 16"

Pyote Pipeline Expansion located near Wink, TX.

Construction could be late 2nd quarter 2019

Louisville Gas & Electric

Louisville, KY

12 mi. Undet. Pipe Dimeter

Project located in Bullitt County, KY.

Still awaiting permit approval

Could be mid to late 2019

Oneok, Inc.

Tulsa, OK

40 mi. 30"

Project located in Liberty County, TX

Progressive Pipeline

Meridian, MS

Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline

Owensboro, KY

31.5 mi 36"

5.9 mi 2", 4"

Take up and relay and small diameter laterals located in Franklin & Anderson Counties, KS. Also includes Compressor Station modifications.

Construction could be late spring or early summer 2019

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